Saturday, September 27, 2008

OKAY.  I'm here, I'm old, get used to it.  Where do you go to meet single lesbians over 35?  It's like we are unicorns.  Magical creatures that seem to exist, but very difficult to find.  They don't graze the gay parades, the bars, the raves ... 

So, I've always been a "bring the mountain to Mohammad" kinda gal, so I started producing events for single lesbians over 35.  I live on a beach in Baja, Mexico, and am the only lesbian there, so I started importing women to my beach front yard, and it has been FUN.

Well, turns out I am not the only deprived single lesbian over 35, and the response has been fabulous, so, I'm creating many other events for us unicorns.  

This March 27-31 we will have 300 single lesbians over 35 at the Aqua Caliente Resort Spa and Casino in Palm Springs.  It's the week before The Dinah.  Perfect!  Women can play with other women their own damn age and then go play with the girls if they want.

I've also started a social networking site for lesbians over 35.  Check it out to stay informed of all events coming up.

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Any unicorns out there?

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